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Core Services

Strategic Scientific Content Development
High-quality content provides a strong foundation for all promotional initiatives by ensuring that your key messages and accurate supporting data are reaching your target audience. We have extensive expertise in creating strategically aligned scientific content, from slide presentations to publications that can later be repurposed or repackaged using a variety of media.

Our team focuses our expertise on three main therapeutic areas: cardiology, urology, and obstetrics and gynecology.

• Dynamic Slide Presentations
• Peer-reviewed Manuscripts
• Competitive Reviews and Analyses
• Scientific Congress Recap and Impact Analyses

Advocacy Development and Management
Paramount to any pharmaceutical product's success is brand advocacy. We have spent years cultivating strong, long-lasting relationships with leading opinion leaders in cardiology, urology, and obstetrics and gynecology. Regardless of your brand's position in the product lifecycle, we are prepared to support you when you are in need of an experienced partner to help coordinate and manage steering committee meetings, advisory boards,
or speaker training meetings.

• Steering Committee Meetings
• Advisory Boards (Live and Virtual)
• Speaker Training (Live and Web-based)

Targeted Message Distribution
From strategic development through rollout and implementation, your MedReviews account team will partner with you to develop a strategic plan
to reach your target audience with your brand's important data and key

We offer a variety of solutions for directly reaching the healthcare community, and will work with you to determine the right initiative or combination of programs to maximize your reach and investment.

• Dinner Meetings/Roundtables (Live and Virtual)
• National Webconference Series (Live and On Demand)
• Podcasts
• Tablet PC- and Laptop-based Detailing Solutions
• Web-based e-Detailing solutions

Through unique relationships with key medical societies and organizations in the therapeutic areas of cardiology, urology, and obstetrics and gynecology, MedReviews offers a concierge series of innovative programming options that have proven to successfully elevate the quality of meeting attendance, ensuring effective, impactful message distribution to the highest-level customers.

• Urology Large Group Practice Series
• Cardiovascular Medicine Review Series
• Obstetrics and Gynecology Review Series

Core Services
Interactive Digital Services